19 Healthiest Foods You Need to Give to Your Dog and What to Avoid

If your dog shows interest in tasting your food while you’re eating, you might have questioned which human foods are appropriate for feeding dogs. Presented here are 19 of the most nourishing foods that you can offer to your dog, along with a guide on what foods to stay away from.

1.  Fruits

If your canine companion has a liking for sugary treats, incorporating fruits into their diet can be a delightful option. Numerous fruits offer impressive nutritional value and can contribute positively to your dog’s well-being. For instance, choices like apples, mangos, pears, bananas, and melons are all highly recommended. Berries stand out as well due to their rich antioxidant content, and their small size makes them ideal for treating. Despite the benefits of fruit treats, it’s essential to exercise caution regarding the quantity you provide to your dogs. Overindulgence can potentially lead to stomach discomfort, so it’s advisable to keep portions moderate. Moreover, it’s crucial to refrain from feeding your dog grapes, avocados, raisins, or apple and pear seeds, as these contain harmful substances.

2.  Carrots

Carrots stand as an exceptional vegetable, benefiting both humans and dogs alike. They can be consumed by dogs in their raw or cooked form. Carrots boast a wealth of beneficial components, encompassing vitamins C, A, and B6. For dogs that relish crispier treats, offering them raw baby carrots presents a wonderful option. Nonetheless, the high fiber content in raw vegetables might pose some digestion challenges for dogs, making it advisable not to overindulge them with such treats. Alternatively, cooked carrots can be provided to dogs. The cooking process renders carrots more digestible, enabling dogs to consume larger portions without encountering any digestive discomfort.

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